Friday, September 28, 2012

Most amazing Post I have been able to write/co-write


My name is Sarah and I, like you, am a fellow blog reader of Nadina.

I first came across Nadina's blog in the middle of this summer. I was blog surfing and searched for inspirational quotes when I found her blog.

I did a quick scroll down her blog getting ready to click over to another one when some words popped out at me "Numb to the pain, Numb to the emotion, Numb to thought." (This was in one of her blog posts called "Numb") I couldn't help but to keep reading her post, after that I found myself captivated by another, and another, until I looked at the clock and realized I had been reading her blog for several hours. I felt I had so many things in common with her, a stranger whom I never met. She gave so much insight on life, on past experiences and even future decisions.
Alpha Omicron Pi just recolonized the Phi Upsilon Chapter at Purdue University.
Sarah is in this picture :) 
Nadina has written a few posts on her experience being a part of a sorority, Alpha Omicron PI. I was so inspired by her blog that by the end of the summer I decided that I too, would try to join a sorority. When I found out the same sorority she was in was also going to be at my University, I was ecstatic!

"Yay!" I thought, "I get to experience everything that Nadina talked about."

Before recruitment I found myself very nervous, no matter how many blog posts of Nadina's I read, I could not find the motivation to go through with it. I thought I would shoot her a Facebook message, just out of the blue. I didn't think she would reply but just thought I would give it a shot.

A couple of weeks passed and...

 Nadina replied to me!!

Not only did she reply but she apologized for the delay in the response. I couldn't believe it. The person who I've been so inspired by, who I thought I would never get to talk to is not only replying to me but offering me advice and help.

She was so kind and sweet to me, she took time out of her day to encourage me as well as give me advice.

 I could not thank Nadina enough for all of her support.

The point is, Nadina's blog is not only relatable, inspiring, and insightful but she herself is a kind, caring, and helpful person.

Thank you for being so awesome Nadina.

I can't thank you enough.
I was searching on facebook and I had noticed in my over flow message box on facebook  I had a message I took a look and this is what I found:

I saw this, I had no idea what to write back, I was soo happy I could have cried.  If you read my Hiatus blog, this girl is the reason I found to blog again!
 She made my day, even though she will argue I made her day!

This message was seriously the most amazing feeling.  I thank you Sarah for inspiring me again and realizing why I love blogging so much!!!!



Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am back from my Hiatus!

 Oh my goodness...  It feels sooo good to be back!!!! I am very sorry for the hiatus, I was doing 15+ hour days with school and work.  But I am back and better than ever.  I am  a licensed esthetician doing what I am super passionate about, I couldn't be happier!
So the first thing I decide to do after getting my life figured out, blogging!!!!  How much I have missed it!!  But trust me, all my good advice hasn't been doormat. I have been told a few times recently that I should write a book or teach a class. I think I'll just go back to my small followers on this :)...

 I have so much going on in my head I don't even really know to put it all to words!  In my hiatus, I  fell in love, had my heart broken, fell in lust, fell out of lust, had fun and now I am with a man who not only makes me the happiest person, he will also be surely helping me provide material for this blog....We have  a lot of history(side info, we met 2 years ago...for him he says it was love at first sight but yet  our timing never worked out the way we wanted, finally our stars have aligned). 

In my hiatus I have learned a lot, and I am ready to share my info with you.  
What is up and coming:
~New formats
~Weekly skin tips as well as my Monday quotes  to get you through the week
~Guest writers
~Much, much more

I have more time and new found perspective to being able to write this, I hit a road block because I really wasn't thinking I was writing to anyone.  But then I was found on facebook by a women who completely  changed my outlook and has give me inspiration to know that at least one person has and will be affected by this blog. (I am hoping one of  these posts she will be writing as a guest writer about her experience).  Overall she read my blog and is now pledging my sorority  AOII  at Purdue University. I thank her for renewing my inspiration to write my blog.  I thank her and you can thank her too, because there is more to come!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It is Thursday!, I can't turn my brain off

Ok, brain is a racing.....  I figure I will blog it out :)  
I had a friend the other day tell me I should teach a class about flirting, how awesome would that be?!  I know I can teach others how to flirt, but taking my own advice HA. It was ironic the same day I got this text about teaching  this flirting class, this girl at school asked me to help her text flirt... yup got her laid hahahathat you .  I know, I know.... crazy...  I was excited but shooooot why can't I take my own advice, do you know how successful I would be if I did?! 

OK... soooo hypothetically speaking... ha...right hypothetical, you hook up with this guy after a good amount of time  of "singing & dancing"  around the idea... wouldn't you want compliments, I mean not necessarily  compliments, but come on a little "that was....., or shoot where ......  come from....."  just a little something, something   to say hey  awesome

Like I said... brain WILL NOT SHUT OFF! Figuring out the line between convenience  and sincerity....  like this constant communication is occurring because I am available for it, or because they value the conversation? Same goes for everything else, how to find the difference between the two...  I have a lot more going on about this topic to come later with my blog "he is just that into you"  spin off the idea of  He is just not that into you, the movie and stuff helps you figure out if he isn't into you...what about figuring out if he is...  I almost think that is harder!!!! 

Even though plans change, they only change to allow for the truth to happen.  What is truly hard is figuring out what the change has opened?????

Good luck! & Good night :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Challenges help define you, but don't break you

What we have face us and how we overcome them, are true testaments to the type of person we are.

I was recently "seeing" a guy, I use the term seeing very loosely because we fell quickly before he left for a long distance gallivant.  I have a hard time writing this blog because I feel like the last ohhh 9 months were a bit of joke... it was like having a pen pal  you had known only for 3 months... instead of signing "write soon" we wrote "I love you"....which don't get me wrong I easily could say I didn't love him...but that wouldn't be true.....  I have written many blogs about love...  I know I wear my heart on my sleeve that is because I care for a lot of people far before they care for me.... Call me emotional, call me hopeless but you can't call me uncaring. I would rather wear my heart on my sleeve then not wear a heart at all. But now that, that is said...we can move on.... for the purpose of this blog I will call it a relationship..but don't think it was.... it was nothing of the sorts...  It was a good time, good stories, great friend.... he was there when I needed him most, some of the time....  he was the friend  I needed at the time I needed....  
There were things I regretted during that time, but that only taught me how to change my future since I can't change my past.  I guess you could say it was a mutual ending only because I wasn't willing to "wait"  around for him to figure out how awesome I am... I know I am awesome, but I don't need to wait around for someone to think and figure it out..... the person that is going to be worth my time will realize that from the get go and get to constantly experience it.... I sit and think about what a future could have been...  it all would have been a lie...a complete  180 from the life I lead now...  and I know I said I was willing...  and I would be, but I don't think I could have been for him...  because he wasn't giving as much as I was giving... and healthy relationships require give and take... So I guess I get to thank him for trying to over think  things that ended the relationship...  I am happier, which is hard because I was happy all along...  I have since met people that show me I can have the type of religious/cultural balance that I want, because I want, not because I have to.... The give and take is there...or has the potential to be there...either way it will be fair. 

Life is a ongoing lesson, Moral of this lesson:

Go with your gut---Your instincts, your family and friends usually are correct, no  matter how much you want to deny it.....
Listen to your heart ..&  mind....Don't put all of your heart into something your head isn't into
Love works the way it is suppose to...  sometimes you don't realize it right away
Tears are a waste... don't cry because in  the end... it just wasn't meant to be and you can't change that.

 This is what I want, what everyone should be allowed  to have 100%  of the time:

Happy Living & Hopefully Loving

LDR and the coulda woulda shoulda

Ok, where to start. When venturing into a long distant relationship there are many, MANY scenarios you could find yourself in:
Scenario 1:
You are in a serious committed relationship for 2+ years(this is important because of the "1 year itch")
Scenario 2:
Been together for 1-2 years, with talks of Marriage
Scenario 3:
Been together for 1-2 years, without talks of marriage, or living together
Scenario 4:
0-12 months in the fun stages and just learning about each other
Scenario 5:
0-12 months and have talked about everything including love, future and life.

Depending on what scenario you find yourself, it gives different ways of handling the long distance. Those in scenario 1 are more likely to have a hard time than those is other scenarios, the way I see it, you squeaked by on the 1 year itch, for those of you who don't know, the 1 year itch is where some relationships fail, about 1 year if they feel suffocated or have become to much into the relationship and lost touch with not relationship stuff.
If you compare scenario 5 and 1, the likelihood of success lies in scenario 5. Think of it this way, in scenario 5 you haven't gone through enough of a routine to feel empty with them being gone, instead you get to still have your single-hood(when I say single, I most certainly do not mean being with other lovers, I mean working on yourself as a person, you can't be a good pair if you are not a good individual) whilst working on the most important part of a relationship, communications. Because in scenario 5 you still have the infatuation with the concept of future with out the possibility of boring day to day issues. Doing LDR after realizing you are with your soul mate, you have the chance to fall in love with their mind and communication. Because when your looks go, and things become old, all you have left is the way you communicate. It is said that people rush into marriage, doing LDR is away to avoid that. I believe being successful in a LDR is being independent, understanding, descriptive, faithful, open, trustworthy, and a little dorky. I'll go into the dorkiness a little later(it helps with showing how you think of them and that you are thinking of them)

Bottom line, if you want it, it will work. You just have to be truthful and upfront with what you want exactly both in your heart and to your love. No sugar coating, no hoping you will feel different later on. Worst feeling from LDR's can be the feeling of wasted time, or feeling like you were a holding space until something better came along. In the end, love never fails.

cheers and happy loving

Sunday, March 4, 2012

When Things Fall Apart.....

Motivational Monday---

When you feel like things are crumbling around  you and you can't help but stand idly by, some see that as rock bottom.  It is most certainly NOT  rock bottom... it is purely  just a challenge...  It is like doing that last set of crunches after going WELL above your normal.  It is what you do with stress or complications that define you as a person, not the stresses or issues. I think to many people are worried about asking for help or even receiving help because of the perception of weakness, really it just means you are a team person that knows they are not to finish such a challenge alone.  Sometimes life throws the big things at you that makes you realize you need certain people in you life. Everything should and will make you appreciate what you have been dealt. With going into a field that I am soooooo strongly passionate about I only want to be the ABSOLUTE  best I can be.  Unfortunately  it is not very easy because I don't know everything yet.  So I  do get frustrated when the answers don't come to me or when I have a challenge that I should know once I get experience.  This can be transpired  to a lot things people run into in the world of challenges. Just because you don't know what to do now, doesn't mean you will not know  the next time.  I knowwwww.... It is SO cliche' but you really do learn from mistakes, and honestly  if that mistake happened again you would know exactly what to do....  but lets be honest...  that mistake isn't going to happen
Bottom line if you have a challenge or a hurdle... ASK FOR HELP.... your friends, your TRUE friends will help  you.  You do not need to worry about being judged  because those who love you will not and those who judge you, don't matter. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ch ch cha Changes

Let us be  clear, change sucks, no matter what it comes from or how small  it is.
The littlest change can throw anyone off,  it doesn't mean that you are forever altered,  it just throws a wrench in the day  or event.  Like  not getting your usual  coffee, or not get the phone call you are use to.  To bigger changes of not having a person  around when you need them most.  It is how a person deals with them that makes them strong.   So weather you have a moment change  of a trafficy  day to not having someone in your life....  what you  do with it defines you, not the lack of them  or things.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Motivational Monday v.7---Don't sweat the small stuff

Don't sweat the small stuff...............

Easier said than done most of the time right?   If you have a passion for something even the littlest thing can make you feel crazy.  Any where from a simple image not turning out the way you wanted it to, to the god awful words of "we need to talk" and not having the time to talk after.   But honestly  in situations like this  I tell myself, things that are meant to work will work out....if it isn't then its only a matter of time...  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't fight for what you want most! So instead of worrying, figure it out and figure out what you should do next that makes you the most happy.  You should after all be making yourself the happiest you can be.  Worrying about the little things are not going to be best achieving that....think that way!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day...It is what you want it to be

Single-tines, Valentines Call it what you want Ohhh the awesomeness that we call valentines day... I have such a love/hate relationship with this day. I do believe it is this awful idea for relationships to be forced to shower love on this day only. I believe if you are in a loving relationship you should have everyday be a day where you love one another. Why need one day?! I mean I do loveeee this holiday when I have someone to share it with, why wouldn't any normal person love this holiday if they actually get a chance to be able to live it up with someone they love. Although when I was in a relationship, I never saw Valentines day as this HUGE production. I do believe I have a hard time with being told what to do. I do love the idea of doing things when it is least expected. Therefore doing something on Valentines day seems sooo predictable, [plus you can never find a restaurant to go to]. I wish people would use valentines day to say they love someone that doesn't get to see it or feel it every day..OHHH... Yesterday I went to the grocery  store...  The smell of roses  were OVERWHELMING! I must be broken because as a girl, I would rather have Lily's  or Stargazers  over the typical roses...  But hey... any flowers are nice! I think what is going to be hard this valentines is that...  The older I get the more interesting it is to have romantic gestures on days  that are deemed "romantic necessary".  But I am not into the awkward "I feel pressured" because it is Valentines day to be  romantic, I want the genuine  I am feeling romantic, lovey dovey to you because I care about you...  Not because there is a holiday dedicated to it. 

 OHHH I also have to pay tribute to my single ladies on Valentines day:  I must admit my FAVORITE Valentines day was with two of my girlfriends at like 10pm we went to the bar and ordered  lemon drops.  The crowd and group  was by far the BEST fun I have had in all of my Valentines!!!  Single ladies, go out with your friends in the best way possible! It will be SO worth it and fun! I wish the single ladies wouldn't beat themselves up about not having "the one"  to celebrate this hallmark holiday with..... Get over it!  Girl friends can be a perfect substitute!! I know life can go either way on this "holiday" but what you make of it  it what really matters!!

So on that note:
You know who you are!!!  Will you?!
What are your plans this Valentines?!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Motivational Monday v.6--- De-Stress!

 Life is what you make of it, or so we are told. I think that when everything goes wrong it is your duty to make it right. It is your duty to make life to what you want it. This motivational Monday is just that... Going for what you want! I have found myself under a lot of stress lately because of schooling and my life in general. Quick background: My dad had me get a degree(best idea ever, Thanks dad!) then I got a great job(not a career, but definitely something were I could use my degree) ...but I have always wanted to be an esthetician, my dad didn't support it, but I was going to do it by Hell or high water..and right now I am doing it... I quit my great job to take a job that will give me better insight to my career. I don't have regrets, but it is definitely worth every second of it...sometimes I just need a little motivation... I am sharing it to hopefully help all of you too!!!!!

 Best Advice for  ANYONE in anything!!! Take it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Motivational Monday v.5

In Honor of "Love" Month

With everything circling around the idea of showing love in the month of February(which I have my opinions on, see my Valentines day blog post coming).  I feel like I have a solid understanding of Love, relationships and the concept of forever,  I partly blame that to my obsession of reading sappy  books, Cosmo, and my severe  Love for quotes.  I think the combination of such things has really helped me attain  a well rounded knowledge of the very diverse  idea of Love.
I think this has to be the best idea a person can go into life hoping for a person that wants you for just you. Because remembering that a person is not your everything, they are purely the something that makes things more worth it.  Which brings me to:
This has to be the best part of knowledge  I have ever been given, because we all know how we can get swooped up into love and the person, but remembering where you are in the equation helps you keep your head  leveled.
Just remember if it feels right, do it...worse case you learn from it!

Just remember we are all individuals  and for that people will love you... it is finding that someone who does.  What do you love about yourself that you would your "true"  love to love about you?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Motiviational Monday V.4

Hey Ya'll its Monday again!!! 
I was driving home from my hectic life again  and I was listening to my new GLEE  soundtrack (which I am SOOOO loving!!!!)  But on came my FAVORITE "bring me up and motivate me" song!
I just love this song!  I feel like it has such a great message to convey!  This song  is my Motivational Monday!  I hope you find inspiration  and motivation  in this Glee version of Man in the Mirror!!!!!!

This song when I was in Highschool  my senior year we would play this song on repeat  when we would go on lunch  and sing...errr....yell

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motivational Monday V.3

Motivational Monday

I think today is good for the blanket motivation.  I know I could use it, I feel as if I could be taking on many things that are going to be hard and motivational quotes like this help me think about the bigger picture and what I want to accomplish.

 I think it is easier to say than do sometimes but it is very  necessary  to believe this quote with everything because you will only become a better person for it. When life gets you down or when you reflect  you never want to worry about the shoulda, coulda, woulda.  Worry only about the who, what, when, where....  don't even worry about the why...  TRY everything and reflect on it later... don't ever wish you would have done something.

I think this quote is another way to show that life is short, you only have one shot to try it all, why not actually do it all.  But the catch with doing it all or trying it all is don't half-ass it. I have found in my life I go into things with the BEST intentions but come out less then what I wanted and look back and WISH I could have continued with that drive I started with.  My goal is to not do that...  I my goal is to start and finish with the same motivation through out it...  no more of this half-assing and wishing I would have tried it differently before I lost my passion. Have you ever  started something you were SO passionate about to only realize that when you were done you could have put so much more effort into it? 

This is for all of you that have things you want but are afraid or don't know how to keep the pursuit of them. 

 My things I want:
~Learn Arabic
~Be come a Natural healer and feeder
~Be the best in my field
~Attain respect from my community  by providing good service and good advice
~BE A ROLE MODEL  for at least one person!

These  are some of my dreams I believe in, what are yours??
I wrote this same thing when I was in high school and came across it when I was cleaning...  it is too true of a statement to forget...everyone should have "their"  quote  to live by.  The one quote you can turn to help center you....
What is yours?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miss......I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T *updated*

Gentlemen, you found an independent women, YAY you! But that is NO excuse to get lazy and not be the primal man you are suppose to be. Yes finding that one out of five woman that can stand on her own two feet is truly something to celebrate, but sweetheart let me tell you a secret, you actually have to try harder!! I hate to break it to you but it is the truth….  Think of  it this way, these women can do everything for themselves so you must prove why  they need you specifically  in her life… What do you bring to the table.  IF you are lucky enough to engage in sexual banter, you better follow through. If you talk about events and scenarios you have been in,  if they happen again you better act out the way you talked about… because to a independent women you are not a necessity  but purely a luxury.  I know this all may  sound awful but it is true, why do women need to give up the independence to let a mediocre man have the chance to seem excellent…. Be  excellent… the thing you will find though that will help you  appreciate the independent woman, you just have to act this way all the time doesn’t mean she will take you up on it every time!!!  The main thing a independent woman wants is to know you have the potential to be the one in charge, it’s all about security and feeling safe  with the man you are with.  This is a “man up”  situation…

Open the door, kiss her(don’t make her just dream it or think or worse make her be the aggressor), offer to pay(be the man  and don’t make the woman stress out over if she should put her credit card up). 

There is nothing worse than making the independent woman feel like the dominate one or the one in charge,  it is very de-feminine.  A man’s job is to be the one in charge or at least  show the potential for being able to take charge.  I shouldn’t have to tell you all of this, most men just need to tap  into the primal  instincts  that makes a man so alluring.  And remember a independent woman means you are to try harder and smarter! Don’t give up and let her be the one doing all the work.   Kiss her before you think about it(most like she has thought it and wished it before you even noticed), open doors, grab bags, offer to help, show her chivalry  isn't dead...  you will get much further in life! 

It is funny, I wrote this a few days before then I watched a segment on The Doctors, I found it very funny, because it is sooo true! I know I like  my men to be a man's man :D  Check this out!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday
As  I sit here and think of what exactly I want to motivate  my readers with I am watching Thank You For Smoking, (which is a interesting movie)....Playing on Facebook, Browsing Pinterest(which is a SCARY addicting site with TONS of things that can make a person get inspired  and discouraged all with a single mouse click!

 I live by this!  I think most have seen this in their life...  I love the idea behind it all because it gives a person the idea of living life better and   to the fullest. I mean who wouldn't want to love  pink, laughing, kissing, being strong, happy and pretty?!   I think it takes things like this to remind a person that life shouldn't be taken to seriously  and you only get one life so live it fun, well and the way you want to!

I had  to make this picture large because that way you can see all of the different post-its.  I not only love the quotes on here...  but I will be posting random quotes that I can find to help motivate myself, I live by quotes, I find comfort in spoken words that somehow find the way to me at the most needed  time.  

Happy  Monday  Ya'll and I hope that You find a quote that fits your needed moments, if not check back Next Monday...  I might :D

Monday, January 2, 2012

Motivational Monday

Motivational Mondays
Hello 2012!!! 
Well since I don't believe in New Years resolutions,..they are like empty promises  that people forget in a few months.  I believe in trying to find things in your life that you wish to better and doing them not because it is the new year.  When you decide something needs a change that is motivation enough to change it at that time...  I do believe in hopes for the future...  Things you wish for, but calling those things you will do in the new year is just poppycock.  
I want to start Motivational Mondays, I think it would be great...A we all hate Mondays...  and it is a great way  to start your week!

I love this quote because it is very true, in the end life is too short to dwell on the things that mean nothing, i mean aside for the immediate emotion that you may be feeling. I find that when challenged by a less then desirable situation asking yourself will this matter a day from now, a month, a year...  depending on the answer  my reaction is gauged.......
This quote is basically one of my mantra's for life...  next week you will see my other... this quote hung in my room all through college is something I truly strive for when thinking about life and the things I wish to accomplish.... I think it speaks for itself

I hope you find motivation and inspiration....or atleast helped you get through a Monday!!