Thursday, January 13, 2011

....when the straight and narrow hits a bend...

The best feeling ever is when everything seems like it is going perfect, you are smooth sailing. You are getting all that you need and wanted. What happens when it changes, it is like hitting a brick wall. You could be doing so good a work, than one day could make you feel like it is your first day all over again. With the significant others world, you could be having those awesome eye flirts, convo's or what ever tickles your fantasy and one little thing can make you feel like it is all over. First let me just tell you everyone has off days...don't take it personal. Humans are emotional creatures, it would be weird if we all were perfectly expected every moment of the day. Not to mention sooo boring. You have to admit that girl in the bathroom bawling her eyes out for only god knows why at a bar after a few to many drinks is quite entertaining. Guys can be too how about that guy that gets sooo incredibly angry over a sports play or call...yup I laugh there too :) On the flip side those who show nooo emotion are soo boring..its like looking at a blank slate that the artist forgot to play with. Remember to be the emotion you want to be, just do it with out theatrics, that only gets the first seat to the looney bin or basement.

Analyze, Predict, Re-evaluate

Well as often as those make goals, you should be able to change them to suit individual need and desire. I mean we do it all the time with everything else in life why should goals not fit into that criteria as well? I mean I change my mind almost everyday! I have the true values and morals that I keep in my day to day actions, but the fluffy stuff I am always changing. Sometimes I like my hair, sometimes I don't. Even clothes I buy one day I may HATE the next. The other day at work one of the customers had mentioned her technique to riding the old/unused clothes in the closet(since we are talking about change ;)). She would at the beginning of the month put all the hangers facing one way, when she wore them she would than turn the hanger the other way. At the end of the month which ever hanger was not flipped the other way, was tossed(for those who are conscious, if it still had tags try and return it or give it to a shelter. I have heard that you can get some pretty good money back from consignment shops. It is worth a shot right?! What was the original topic of the blog...always seems to get hazy after I have rambled for a bit.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I didn't even last two days on my goal.... I think I am going to change it....a post a week.... I mean really do I have anything that amazing to say yet everyday?! Yikes! Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

...when a personality trait becomes a pet peeve...

When things go from "oh it is just a fluke", to "oh my goodness that is annoying". When does it change for an individual. I mean I have my personal things that irritate that be-jesus out of me...but for the right person it is ignored for as long as it can be. For me I have found that I have quite a few that I put aside for awhile until it I can't. Once I can't put them aside and they keep happening, its time to cut my losses. Some of my pet peeves are, I hate when a person doesn't text back, like I am not needy or clingy(I am the opposite), but it is just common sense, a person texts you...text them back. Is it really that hard?! I mean texting is suppose to be the less intrusive way to communicate with out the pressure of face to face or voice to voice. My other pet peeve is don't say something you don't mean...if you are going to do something or be somewhere, do it or be there. People with out goals or destinations for themselves are hopeless. How can a person go daily through their lives without wanting to be something better? I mean how can a person be simply content with doing nothing?! To hang with me: text back, be where you say you will and want to do something with your life! Now shouldn't everyone have those standards?! :)

Pic of the day: Is a photo of graduation, I am using this one because it just the starting of a chapter that shows growth, goals, and determination....something everyone should have!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

01-01-2011 Who Would have thought!

The first day of the year, its every procrastinators dreaded day... the day that forever is coined, oh I'll start that in the New year, well ladies and gents it is the New year, what are you going to "try" and start only to realize a month later you have forgotten to do it, only to repeat the cycle year after year. I don't believe in yearly resolutions, I do believe in the daily realization of things that need to be changed and suree..... once a year you can dig deep to set a an outline for what you would like to discover, change, improve and conquer in the new year. But everyone should focus on the daily adventures to try and improve themselves. Like for 2011, I would love to learn Arabic, go to aesthetics school,to cherish a picture everyday(don't worry I'll share) and continue to becoming the women that I am suppose to be. Now see that isn't to hard, I am not sitting here planning to rule the world or become the first woman president(Ironically those are kind of the same ;)). I am just setting myself up to accomplish things I need/want to accomplish in the next year. I could be like oh i want to lose 50 lbs, get a man worth marrying ...blah blah blah but I don't need a new year for that...i can do that when ever I want... don't feel bad if you make up new years resolutions I won't judge. But answering me this, why would set yourself up for failure like that in the beginning of a new year....shouldn't you be more open to evaluating the things that happened last year and figure ways to change them? ok maybe I am judging a little.
What are your goals for the new year, dont worry I wont hold you to them!

01-01-11 picture of the day is me and my grandmother, it is amazing how much this woman has endured to be with us today, 1930, the most amazing woman look how good she looks!