Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love, most used word in the world, but the most unknown true definition.

You love your dog, you love your family, and you love your friends. But why?! What makes you decide that what you feel for someone is love? When you think of things, you love everything at very different levels, your family, religion, partner, friends...the list goes on and on. Let’s talk about a less expected but most talked about love; the love for a significant other. There are movies, novels, fairy tales, countless dreams, many tears and tons of "girl’s nights" spent on "love". But what is love? Is it the way you're looked at? The way they make you feel? Is it the amount of things that they buy you? What about the things you do together? It is whatever you think it is, but once you realize it, you will never forget it. The only problem with all of this is what says this is "the" love that you are to be with forever???? Let me break some things down for you in regards to experience:

You have your I love to spend every moment with them kind of love, this is usually your first love (now you need to have all of these components before you go riding off into the future with your new love, each scenario is just a stepping stone to show you the "real deal") I say this because it might be the first person that gives you the Whoooo special attention.

You have your yummy; I love to kiss this person love. This is the one that you just love to spend your time lip locking.

You have your I love your brain person because the things you say makes me think, and challenges my own intellectually side.

You have your I love the way you make me feel type of person. This is the person that makes you feel like the world is your oyster and that you can do anything that you put your mind to. This is also the kind of love that they look at you and you melt.

You have the I love you because your friends are awesome kind of person. This person might be a little dull, but there friends are amazing. This isn't a bad person to wrap you into because they can be the stay at home and go out kind of person. Which is a choice that you want.

When you find the person who is all of that and then have found your forever love....consider yourself lucky...I know I do

Thursday, September 15, 2011

List of Pet Peeves

I consider myself a pretty easy going person, I was once told though that I get mad at everything, this completely surprised me because I have always seen myself as a light tempered person that it takes a lot to make upset. So I decided to figure out what really makes me upset, or emotional because for some reason people can't tell the difference.
1). I don't like being told what to do, or what not to be do. I am ok with advice, guidance but saying things with the expectation that I will do them doesn't fly with me.

2). When dating "hanging out with the friends" means you are hanging out with boys, when girls come that is annoying because that makes me wonder why I am not there. That just makes me more upset, and hurt that I was not thought to be included. Now typically a person wouldn't worry about this, unless you are me which means you will ALWAYS be invited to everything because I want you there.

3)Not texting/calling when you say you are going to. or not texting back...period....that ohhhh is so bad...texting is non invasive you can do it anytime of the day.

4) Being late, I hate being late places, the only time late is acceptable is when it is my fault because that means i did it, and can not blame anyone but myself.

5) not paying attention when on the phone, or video chat, because its one thing if you don't pay attention in person, I can see your distraction. When on the phone or video chat I can't see, so repeating myself just becomes annoying and irritating.

6) I get angry with stupid, lazy people.

7) I have a hard time with people who would rather "throw" things away than actually work for it.

8) Not understanding the actually significance of making time for people, I mean I get its easier to be with the one your with, but what about the ones who want to be with you?

9) People that don't know what they want in life

10) People who say one thing, act another. I mean you either think & act the way you say or don't say it. Like saying "your beautiful and that you would want to spend the rest of your life with me" then the next moment saying something completely different. It makes a person over think the truth of your thoughts.

Welp, whoooo that is all for now.... I still don't think I get angry easy because all of these things would make anyone upset....right?!