Monday, January 2, 2012

Motivational Monday

Motivational Mondays
Hello 2012!!! 
Well since I don't believe in New Years resolutions,..they are like empty promises  that people forget in a few months.  I believe in trying to find things in your life that you wish to better and doing them not because it is the new year.  When you decide something needs a change that is motivation enough to change it at that time...  I do believe in hopes for the future...  Things you wish for, but calling those things you will do in the new year is just poppycock.  
I want to start Motivational Mondays, I think it would be great...A we all hate Mondays...  and it is a great way  to start your week!

I love this quote because it is very true, in the end life is too short to dwell on the things that mean nothing, i mean aside for the immediate emotion that you may be feeling. I find that when challenged by a less then desirable situation asking yourself will this matter a day from now, a month, a year...  depending on the answer  my reaction is gauged.......
This quote is basically one of my mantra's for life...  next week you will see my other... this quote hung in my room all through college is something I truly strive for when thinking about life and the things I wish to accomplish.... I think it speaks for itself

I hope you find motivation and inspiration....or atleast helped you get through a Monday!!


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