Sunday, February 5, 2012

Motivational Monday v.5

In Honor of "Love" Month

With everything circling around the idea of showing love in the month of February(which I have my opinions on, see my Valentines day blog post coming).  I feel like I have a solid understanding of Love, relationships and the concept of forever,  I partly blame that to my obsession of reading sappy  books, Cosmo, and my severe  Love for quotes.  I think the combination of such things has really helped me attain  a well rounded knowledge of the very diverse  idea of Love.
I think this has to be the best idea a person can go into life hoping for a person that wants you for just you. Because remembering that a person is not your everything, they are purely the something that makes things more worth it.  Which brings me to:
This has to be the best part of knowledge  I have ever been given, because we all know how we can get swooped up into love and the person, but remembering where you are in the equation helps you keep your head  leveled.
Just remember if it feels right, do it...worse case you learn from it!

Just remember we are all individuals  and for that people will love you... it is finding that someone who does.  What do you love about yourself that you would your "true"  love to love about you?

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