Sunday, January 8, 2012

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday
As  I sit here and think of what exactly I want to motivate  my readers with I am watching Thank You For Smoking, (which is a interesting movie)....Playing on Facebook, Browsing Pinterest(which is a SCARY addicting site with TONS of things that can make a person get inspired  and discouraged all with a single mouse click!

 I live by this!  I think most have seen this in their life...  I love the idea behind it all because it gives a person the idea of living life better and   to the fullest. I mean who wouldn't want to love  pink, laughing, kissing, being strong, happy and pretty?!   I think it takes things like this to remind a person that life shouldn't be taken to seriously  and you only get one life so live it fun, well and the way you want to!

I had  to make this picture large because that way you can see all of the different post-its.  I not only love the quotes on here...  but I will be posting random quotes that I can find to help motivate myself, I live by quotes, I find comfort in spoken words that somehow find the way to me at the most needed  time.  

Happy  Monday  Ya'll and I hope that You find a quote that fits your needed moments, if not check back Next Monday...  I might :D

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