Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miss......I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T *updated*

Gentlemen, you found an independent women, YAY you! But that is NO excuse to get lazy and not be the primal man you are suppose to be. Yes finding that one out of five woman that can stand on her own two feet is truly something to celebrate, but sweetheart let me tell you a secret, you actually have to try harder!! I hate to break it to you but it is the truth….  Think of  it this way, these women can do everything for themselves so you must prove why  they need you specifically  in her life… What do you bring to the table.  IF you are lucky enough to engage in sexual banter, you better follow through. If you talk about events and scenarios you have been in,  if they happen again you better act out the way you talked about… because to a independent women you are not a necessity  but purely a luxury.  I know this all may  sound awful but it is true, why do women need to give up the independence to let a mediocre man have the chance to seem excellent…. Be  excellent… the thing you will find though that will help you  appreciate the independent woman, you just have to act this way all the time doesn’t mean she will take you up on it every time!!!  The main thing a independent woman wants is to know you have the potential to be the one in charge, it’s all about security and feeling safe  with the man you are with.  This is a “man up”  situation…

Open the door, kiss her(don’t make her just dream it or think or worse make her be the aggressor), offer to pay(be the man  and don’t make the woman stress out over if she should put her credit card up). 

There is nothing worse than making the independent woman feel like the dominate one or the one in charge,  it is very de-feminine.  A man’s job is to be the one in charge or at least  show the potential for being able to take charge.  I shouldn’t have to tell you all of this, most men just need to tap  into the primal  instincts  that makes a man so alluring.  And remember a independent woman means you are to try harder and smarter! Don’t give up and let her be the one doing all the work.   Kiss her before you think about it(most like she has thought it and wished it before you even noticed), open doors, grab bags, offer to help, show her chivalry  isn't dead...  you will get much further in life! 

It is funny, I wrote this a few days before then I watched a segment on The Doctors, I found it very funny, because it is sooo true! I know I like  my men to be a man's man :D  Check this out!

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