Sunday, May 30, 2010

It is all about the Perspective

Often people are stuck asking themselves what is reality and what is fantasy. For most situations it is all about perspective. I know I find myself doing it on many occasions.
A guy you like who you seldom see, seems to use the same old excuse when you finally come into town. Let me paint a better a picture. This guy is everything you want in a guy minus a few flaws, but hey no one is perfect. Every time you get a chance to this man it is seriously awesome, you get those butterfly nerves that you haven't felt in awhile, the hours with him just seem to fly by. Fantasy world of mine says he is in the same exact boat as you when it comes to being head over heels with you, he really is tell you the truth about why he cant see you. Reality is, you should probably stopping putting the effort and realize he just isn't into you, and his "excuses" really are that he doesn't have a pair of his own to tell you the truth with.

I saw sex and the city 2, let me just tell you after a movie like that I feel like my life is not glamours enough, nor is it entertaining enough. I want to live a 1/16th of how they live their lives. I want to travel to Abu Dabi(more reasons than the movie). Ohhh speaking of more reasons, random, during the movie they speak Arabic, I wish for the purpose of entertainment that would subtitle what they say in Arabic. I found it to be quite anecdotal being able to understand what they were saying and wondering why they didn't subtitle because it most certainly added piazza to the scene.

Song Man in the Mirror, by MJ has to be the most amazing song ever! I know it sounds so dorky but seriously it is quite a uplifting subliminal motivational song. I mean I often find myself belting out the lyrics when it is coming thru the speakers, but a few hours later the lyrics are stuck in my head and I find myself singing to my self motivation words, "I am starting with the man in the mirror, I am asking him to change his ways". It really makes you think, what are these new songs subliminally sending to us?!

Saturday, May 29, 2010 I ever cross your mind...I want too

Dang 5 hour amazing car ride with the same song playing every few tracks. Songs totally get stuck in my head.

Have you ever had this happen: There are times where you meet someone and just wish they would see the awesomeness that you posses because you of course, are an excellent judge of character and know you two would hit it off? I swear I run into that more times than I can count. You talk with this person often enough to really get a feel for what kinda of a person they are and you just know. You know because well you know yourself and you get to know them and just can feel it. I think my biggest problem with this is because I was in a long relationship, I always find myself looking for a relationship that picks up right where the last one left. That my darlings is a dear impossible thing to have happen. Speaking of a last relationships, there is nothing more awkward than jogging by your ex's house and him walking out... Jogging late evening looking utterly horrible. Isn't it always the girls best idea to see the ex when they look the most amazing! dang me and my luck! blah....I got the back home writers block.....

I most seriously run out of things that I find to be amazing to write about

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Words for thought....

It is so dramatic how weather can effect a persons mood. On a sunny awesome day that person cutting you off doesn't get as aggravating as it would on a rainy day.

Watching Tyra today, because the weather sucks...Barsexual really?! Is there partysexual?! This girl is trying to say that she does it for her and gets offended that guys only see them as a piece of ass not a wine and dine them kinda girls. Um no way! A guy sees two girls making out at the bar, what do you want them to think. Hey I really want to take that girl out and have an awesome conversation with them. Ya, that doesn't go through their heads, nice try. You are not going to be finding mister right doing that, you will get attention from all the mister wrongs missy.

Ok, Good morning America, Thank you for doing a piece on skin cancer and tanning beds. Frankly, those who tan, already know there are issues that come with it. We are not naive, those who chose to tan in tanning beds it is because they aren't getting the natural tan. Tell me how people in places that get sun more months of the year than rain don't have cancer but yet we stress about those who get no sun and use tanning beds?! Is everyone determined to be either pale as vampire( maybe twilight was a secret PSA that says pale is the new sexy) or orange....I don't like these choices. I think I will be taking my chances on skin cancer.

Everyone is doing it...why not jump on that bandwagon?!

Blogging, I thought who would want to blog, let alone read anything I had to blog about. But than, Epiphany moment, who cares what everyone else thinks. If you don't like overt your eyes. I always have things I am thinking about and wish to say, but most the time they dont fit the criteria for the current conversation, or it isn't appropriate to say outloud. I realized today that there are just somethings in life that you need to have happen to consider your life to have been lived. The worst part is the list continuing, I am not talking about a bucket list, it is more of a quality life list. I think there are things to do and things you want to do. I want to compile this list, seeing that I am graduating, it is about time to get the most out of my life in the adult world that is. I have lived amazingly in my college and pre college years. I feel very lucky.