Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motivational Monday V.3

Motivational Monday

I think today is good for the blanket motivation.  I know I could use it, I feel as if I could be taking on many things that are going to be hard and motivational quotes like this help me think about the bigger picture and what I want to accomplish.

 I think it is easier to say than do sometimes but it is very  necessary  to believe this quote with everything because you will only become a better person for it. When life gets you down or when you reflect  you never want to worry about the shoulda, coulda, woulda.  Worry only about the who, what, when, where....  don't even worry about the why...  TRY everything and reflect on it later... don't ever wish you would have done something.

I think this quote is another way to show that life is short, you only have one shot to try it all, why not actually do it all.  But the catch with doing it all or trying it all is don't half-ass it. I have found in my life I go into things with the BEST intentions but come out less then what I wanted and look back and WISH I could have continued with that drive I started with.  My goal is to not do that...  I my goal is to start and finish with the same motivation through out it...  no more of this half-assing and wishing I would have tried it differently before I lost my passion. Have you ever  started something you were SO passionate about to only realize that when you were done you could have put so much more effort into it? 

This is for all of you that have things you want but are afraid or don't know how to keep the pursuit of them. 

 My things I want:
~Learn Arabic
~Be come a Natural healer and feeder
~Be the best in my field
~Attain respect from my community  by providing good service and good advice
~BE A ROLE MODEL  for at least one person!

These  are some of my dreams I believe in, what are yours??
I wrote this same thing when I was in high school and came across it when I was cleaning...  it is too true of a statement to forget...everyone should have "their"  quote  to live by.  The one quote you can turn to help center you....
What is yours?

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