Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Relationship.....Such a swear word to some!

So a couple months ago I was "seeing" this guy, I mean I use "seeing" very loosely...I mean honestly, we saw each other pretty much everyday(yes some were class days) we went out, we had our amazing moments of interactions, we text-ed all day. One(maybe MANY) would describe that as a relationship. Everyone expect him(and until recently myself) I guess, A couple months later I use a "term of endearment", and his response is you don't have to use that, because it signifies there could be a relationship. Well WHAT THE FRENCH did we have before you left? I am sorry if I assumed that we were something more than friends of a relationship, if not there. I mean I am not the kinda girl that needs a guy to swoon over her, pay for everything . make the compliments that makes a girls go weak.(although all of those things are nice)
That doesn't define a relationship for me. What defines a relationship is having someone who cares about you to the fullest degree. I mean someone you know you can call or text because something crazy/funny/sad/depressing/embarrassing etc has happened. You can't say that about everyone, but honestly I felt that this person was someone I had no fear to call at anytime, I enjoyed his company, I liked everything he stood for, our conversations were great. So please explain to me how that is NOT a relationship? You can say you are not a relationship guy, but habbibi, that is a relationship, and you did it very well.
I am sorry if I went out and found someone who is willing to be in a real titled relationship, but it isn't the same nor will it be the same. Maybe one day you will realize what you missed out on because you were to busy being a "non-relationship" guy, when you would have made a great one because from what i saw you were, I just wish you could have seen what I see....I still miss it everyday, you were a once in a lifetime.
There is no use crying over spilt milk, you are doing you, and I am doing me, I just wish that could be together.....