Saturday, June 5, 2010

....I dont only hate the way you look at me...I secretly love it

I am Sorority both literally and destined for such a life, not in the stereotypical way but in the way that I am meant to be apart of something bigger. I learned this over time and I know the nay sayers out there will be shaking their heads in disagreement, or even do that little snicker of haha every sorority girl says this... but you do not know unless you have been a true sorority girl. Any ways what I was getting at was in my last years of this sorority life interactions I have witnessed soooo many different types of hook-ups, so you would think I would be both a expert in them personally and how to give advice to those who do them. I find myself wondering what kinds of girls do some of the things I have heard, in regards to profiling. I mean I have acted a fool sometimes, who hasn't but I have and always will be acting in a way that no one could ever deem me as "that" girl. If you could put my name in a sentence with a negative phrase that has "that girl" in it, I don't want to be there.

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