Monday, June 7, 2010

...I wish there was more time...I like this feeling....

I got to a thinking you know when you start hanging out with a new guy all the new things happen. The greatness you feel when he texts you back, when you have the slightest physical contact you get giddy. But with all the good and awesome feelings comes those nerves. For me leaving in less than a week, I hate that I met him now. Although, I am not and was not looking for anything solid, I never, ever stop the idea of anything because you never know what could come from people you meet. Well that sounded so cheesy but is soo true. But anyways back to those uneasy feelings. When you invite them into your place of residence, what are they expecting, what do they think you are thinking. I get in trouble a lot because of how much of a flirt/nice person I am. I think I lead people on. So many things are hard to just enjoy because we women over-think things...often...Like when they put their arm around you, you think about how is your head to heavy, is their arm in a comfortable position, and it goes on on. What about when they spend the night, you wonder if they are uncomfortable, if they expect more than just a darn good cuddle session or what. There is also the moments when you are wishing for something to happen but you don't want to be "that girl" that initiates something that they didn't want, so all you can do is sit there and think over and over again, just hoping they will. I will admit when that moment finally occurs it almost is more enjoyable than if it was to just happen. Enough with the physical over-thinking moments what about the god for awful texts or phone calls. Those moments where you also don't want to be that girl. So the first time we started hanging out, I didn't want to be that girl that texts to soon, but two nights in a row of hanging out all night long I think I am allowed to text. I mean I hope so.. Well that is my story for now...I have a lot of life to go live now....yikes

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