Sunday, May 30, 2010

It is all about the Perspective

Often people are stuck asking themselves what is reality and what is fantasy. For most situations it is all about perspective. I know I find myself doing it on many occasions.
A guy you like who you seldom see, seems to use the same old excuse when you finally come into town. Let me paint a better a picture. This guy is everything you want in a guy minus a few flaws, but hey no one is perfect. Every time you get a chance to this man it is seriously awesome, you get those butterfly nerves that you haven't felt in awhile, the hours with him just seem to fly by. Fantasy world of mine says he is in the same exact boat as you when it comes to being head over heels with you, he really is tell you the truth about why he cant see you. Reality is, you should probably stopping putting the effort and realize he just isn't into you, and his "excuses" really are that he doesn't have a pair of his own to tell you the truth with.

I saw sex and the city 2, let me just tell you after a movie like that I feel like my life is not glamours enough, nor is it entertaining enough. I want to live a 1/16th of how they live their lives. I want to travel to Abu Dabi(more reasons than the movie). Ohhh speaking of more reasons, random, during the movie they speak Arabic, I wish for the purpose of entertainment that would subtitle what they say in Arabic. I found it to be quite anecdotal being able to understand what they were saying and wondering why they didn't subtitle because it most certainly added piazza to the scene.

Song Man in the Mirror, by MJ has to be the most amazing song ever! I know it sounds so dorky but seriously it is quite a uplifting subliminal motivational song. I mean I often find myself belting out the lyrics when it is coming thru the speakers, but a few hours later the lyrics are stuck in my head and I find myself singing to my self motivation words, "I am starting with the man in the mirror, I am asking him to change his ways". It really makes you think, what are these new songs subliminally sending to us?!

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