Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello Holidays!!!

I love how before the month of Christmas  there is thanksgiving and Halloween.  I don't know about others but I see those as purely time lines for us to realize that Christmas is coming!  I can't wait for it too! I mean every year is a little bit more impressive then the next. This year (disclaimer, don't do the awh sad voice after you read the next sentence, I am not heartbroken) This will be my first Christmas with out my grandmother, despite my heartfelt sorrow that she is gone, I know she is looking down upon on us.  The fact that she is gone I find myself having more desire to do things that are out of the ordinary for my "normal"  Christmas.  The past memories are amazing and will never be forgotten but the new ones will  help! 
Well the day after thanksgiving you will find our house almost exploding with Christmas cheer. This is one of our trees, this one is the living  room with our over done but just to the right level  before it becomes obnoxious.  The ability to have christmas around ALL month is amazing!  I can't wait to decorate my own house... I have learned from watching, I will probably go with a theme of colors rather than an explosion, but only time will tell what I end up doing!

Our family is filled with traditions that make any heart happy. You will find us writing letters to Santa, which at the ripe age of 23 I will still do... our town has a great little program that children that write letters will get a hand written letter back from Santa!  We have letters from every Christmas!!! We also take our Santa pictures the day after thanksgiving.  We will do that every year then when we have kids we will do it with our families and siblings! On Christmas eve we have my whole family and friends for dinner.  Us kids at night sprinkle oats with sparkles and a saying...  don't laugh it is true, we are a sucker for traditions! Then we all wait until morning and "santa"  comes!  
Well now that I have covered the traditions, I want to spice this year up a bit!  I have always  wished we were the type of family that did fancy Christmas parties with a lot of people, but  we aren't doesn't mean I wont be one day. I also want to adventure to some of the lights displays like Zoo lights, or Leavenworth!  I really want to go down to Seattle and see the lights!  I plan on making Christmas a bit more fun and develop some of my own traditions outside  of my family!  

What does your family do for traditions? What are traditions you wish to make?!

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  1. AWESOME layout!! :D :D :D totally love. your christmas decorations are absolutely gorgeous ♥


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