Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never again in this lifetime .....

11/11/11 is now.... 12/12/12 next year...but what happens after 12/12/12? Did you know that after December twelfth two-thousand and twelve for next 989 years we will never have a "lucky" day like that again? There is so much hype and superstitions that has been places on these triple number days, weddings, lotto's have been bought, casino’s get high visits, many movie releases take advantage of this, many wishes have been said and lots of hope has been put on these days. It is definitely something to think of knowing that your kids, grand kids, great grandkids, great- great-grandkids, great- great-grandkids….. great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great-grandkids will not experience the hype on these magical days . I mean for some this may not seem like anything but, it gets the brain working, what else will they not know that we hold dear to us? What is going to lost generation to generation? What can we do to preserve it?

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  1. You definitely got my wheels turning out about! Especially when I'm ALL about trying to preserve tradition and what not, for Kae!


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