Monday, May 9, 2011

Independent Woman in the dating world.....Who comes out on top?

I am screwed. That is what most independent women find themselves saying because they have found someone that questions how independent they really are. Like for me I am screwed, because I know that I am independent but I find myself putting myself out there, making myself vulnerable in my eyes. Like for me I am constantly inviting a specific person into my world, into my activities and what not...thus putting me as the needy person that I never wanted to be. I mean it may not actually put me as it but makes me feel this way because I am the one always reaching out. I know that inside of myself it is because I seriously want to spend time with him, not like I HAVE too but I sincerely WANT too. I think it is like a slap in a face because I feel as if I am putting myself out there too much. It could be the breed that I am seeking, but it does suck when things are not often reciprocated or at least not equally reciprocated. Maybe I could become that girl that plays "those" games of becoming unattainable, or showing that I am a hot commodity. But Games are not my thing. I find myself to be like an open book. I know that if I like a guy, that guy has to know by my actions are never hidden. So therefore I can't play games because they just would be stupid and fake, both of which I am not. It is to much to ask that effort and emotion be reciprocated, even if it is in your own language. For me all I am asking is be the "man" I knowww so cliche but seriously, take control of the situation! I know for me I am soo head over heels for a guy who likes to be a passenger rather than the driver in life and it doesn't bother me per say...but it is soo draining and so many opportunities get missed. Leading to things that are just completely disappointing there for draining and leaving me with the taste of a needy individual in my mouth because of the effort I put into things.
If you find yourself in this situation seriously. you have to figure out if it is worth it, and if you have find yourself in a situation where it is actually worth it, than you just have to let them know whats up. Because most the time the people who don't take the initial initiative, they aren't going to be able to read between your lines. Basically you have to just saying what you are thinking...something I wish I really honestly could do(this is one of those I can give the advice but have a hard time following it moments) Because if I had the guts I would tell the guy "I havent found something I wanted to spend all this time with, but honestly I need to know where your head is at" .....Nowwwww the reason I dont have the guts is because of the answer that follows that question. So for now I figure I am happy why mess it up. Maybe you should too ....

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