Thursday, April 21, 2011

...where is a happy medium......

There are so many things that lead a person to wonder where is the happy medium... life, flirting, relationships, effort, work...the list goes on and on.... Lets start with relationships with flirting where is too much and or too little....

"A real man wants a real woman, not an adolescent. And a woman who flirts like a little girl comes off as desperate and needy," says Marie Forleo, author of Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself!." this than brings up more..the desire to define needy.... because needy is a big no no in most relationships, I mean there are some guys out there that need to be the knight and shinning armor( all women want a man that could be these man). I think needy is a hard thing to define because to each their own. I mean for me I am affectionate, and caring, and that in its self comes out as needy. I just like people knowing I am thinking of them or caring for them. I am a flirt. I know I am a HUGE flirt. I give attractive compliments, even when the person receiving them SUCKS at returning them, not that I say compliments to receive them back...but it does open that revolving door that feels soo good to have swung in your direction(side note that is the down fall of projected self esteem, people think you dont need those compliments when in reality you need them the most). I like to touch people that I am interested in, not that creepy touching but that "hey I may like you" touch, we all know it! I do pet names, I may make you think I call everyone that name like "boo" or "muffin"..I mean I do call a lot of people that but its a different tone for the right person. Where was I going with that?! humphhhhh anyyyywayssss

I had a guy tell me he likes when the woman takes control in the relationship, in general or something like that, that is all fine and dandy..... kudos to that man for being able to be let a women be the person she is but you are not doing any justice to anyone by encouraging your own insecurities or laziness. I mean sir its not about being in control all the time but knowing that you could take control of the situation if it is necessary. It is SUCH a turn off to always have to make decisions. I think it is funny because a guy who wants a girl to be in control is going to be attracted to women who like control, but those women like when a guy can be in control(goes back to the knowing if a person being able to take control if the need be) so it is a vicious cycle. I mean I get it, it can be super dragging to be the one in control, but isn't that the point of a relationship and give and take so that no one gets bogged with all the decisions all the time?! Maybe even harmony?

I mean to rock my boat you need have the ability( and express it) to be in control, to be aggressive for the things you want(let a girl know you find her attractive, or that you think she is smart...if you have a hard time just saying find ways to show it..because if a girl is like me they lose interest real fast when they think they are not be appreciated for the full picture...remedy it by showing or telling them what you think and often in as many or few words as you need), be philanthropic(stand for something bigger than yourself), be a conversationalist(the biggest turn on is the mind, I think the ability to converse is going to out weigh anything else.) Take initiative, you want it get it. Share your life, not every detail, just what matters most to you, because in the end that is what makes you into you. Be chivalrous,it has nothing to do with money...back in the days when chivalry was coined, do you think it had anything to do with how much money was in a guys pocket? Nope it was about being the "man" and doing things to make a women feel special. Do little things because women think about the little things, also if you are not trying to be that someone for a girl, think of the little things she might be picking up on. We all know those things....if you don't well you need to think real hard because they are super simple.

I have been told I am too happy..what is too happy? I am perfectly content with the amount of happy I posses? Maybe they are not happy enough? I mean I have my limits, dont laugh at funerals, dont giggle at death, nor smile at someones sad story. But what defines to happy? Yes I get through my day with a smile on my face 9 out of 10 times, but that doesnt mean I dont stress nor does that mean I am not filled with other emotions. I like to think I channel it, while most see it as hiding the other emotions. But, frankly I think all other emotions are just a waste of time. I mean I think they can be necessary, but why emphasis on them, what are you really trying to get? Attention....? Trust get more bees with honey than salt. I think I talk to more people in one day when I smile than anything else. Try it and you will it experiment high ;)

Thats it for now.....

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  1. Nice...I remember you. You went to eastern once upon a time.


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