Saturday, May 28, 2011

...Talked into....well you...

I was reading an article today about some couple not telling anyone what the gender of their newborn was going to be, their hope is to let the child make "its" own decisions. They got this idea of reading an article in the library(I will not even go into the fact the article had to make a point that they read this article in the library...Who does that anymore?!). I mean I have always believed that we as human beings are talked into our roles. I even wrote a paper on it in college. So I am a bit mixed on what to think about this idea. I think it is not humane to do to a child for the interest of "trying it out" who knows what kind of damage could be done on this poor child. But on the other hand, how amazing would it be to watch someone morph into something that isn't pre-destined. I mean for most we are given our roles right at birth not only by gender but by birth order. So from day one you are not able to be who you want to be. But with out those pre-design restriction who would you want to become, or who would you become in general?
All in all it seems like a fascinating idea but could NEVER be done respectfully here, because it would mess a person up wayyyy to much!

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