Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wants and Needs....Love language...

Love language, not to be confused with the language of love. Love language is how a person expresses how they feel,there is no definition no expectation. With love language each person has a way they speak it and a way a person wishes to receive it. Love language is spoken in different ways, in different relationships. Your parent will put an extra dessert in your lunch when your in grade school on a day of a test to show you that they were thinking of you. When you are in a romantic relationship love language can be telling your significant other that they look nice, or sending them a message of encouragement when you know they need it.

For myself I am the kind of person that when it comes to showing my love language I show it with the little things, comments, pet names and just doing stuff for the person that they may not know they wanted/needed to be done. I like to give that warm fuzzy feeling. I need the love language of verbal and physical affirmation. I like to know when I look good or when I have done something worthy of acknowledgment. I know that many people see gifts as a love language... I don't I see it as addition to understanding each other. (think of it as u seeing something and just knowing the other person would like it). But it can't show full love. In a romantic relationship for me I need to know what they think, that they find me attractive. I mean men are men, they will kiss a girl just to kiss doesn't mean they are attracted to them or that they see anything with them. It just means a man is being a man. This of course is how I feel...not everyone feels this way. Relationships work because each person learns the love language of a person that they care about. Learn mine if you want... I'll just have to ask..

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