Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PDA...What is too much?!

You know when you are in a public place and there is that couple that is just going at it. That feeling that you get, is it disgust for the actual act that is occurring or that seeded ounce of jealousy of "that lucky bitch"? I was watching this movie today and there was a scene, or quite a few that kinda made a person feel awkward. That is when I got to thinking what is considered too much PDA? I mean we have all seen it the couple that forgets they are in public and makes you feel like you are watching a really bad porn...but when does that line get crossed from "awe what a cute lovey couple" to "oh dear lord get a room". Other than that display of affection in-sighting a gag-reflux, maybe deep down you have a seed of jealously peering through that makes you want to watch in envy. Jealously can come from 2 different places, one you are single and seeing anyone get any type of affection makes you jealous, or two you are in a relationship that doesn't have any extent of PDA.
Don't ever believe a girl when she says she doesn't like PDA. I don't even think all guys hate it either.... but every women wants people to see that someone cares about her. She wants people to know there is someone out there that likes just her. PDA is a way to show that commitment or feeling. Nevertheless it is finding the happy medium between disgust and jealously that makes for intriguing conversation.
Too much VS. Happy Medium
Groping in public: Secretively grazing your hand up their thigh or lower back
Making out in public: Sweet kisses when you need to show affection
Being tangled like a pretzel: playing footsy or have your ankles tangle, same idea less awkward.
Feeling frisky: gently blow in their ear with a both will know but no one else will ;)

Bottom line:
Tone it down, hold hands, show affection in public and take notes from how others act around you... PDA is only bad when it gets out of hand.
Happy Desires :)

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