Thursday, May 27, 2010

Words for thought....

It is so dramatic how weather can effect a persons mood. On a sunny awesome day that person cutting you off doesn't get as aggravating as it would on a rainy day.

Watching Tyra today, because the weather sucks...Barsexual really?! Is there partysexual?! This girl is trying to say that she does it for her and gets offended that guys only see them as a piece of ass not a wine and dine them kinda girls. Um no way! A guy sees two girls making out at the bar, what do you want them to think. Hey I really want to take that girl out and have an awesome conversation with them. Ya, that doesn't go through their heads, nice try. You are not going to be finding mister right doing that, you will get attention from all the mister wrongs missy.

Ok, Good morning America, Thank you for doing a piece on skin cancer and tanning beds. Frankly, those who tan, already know there are issues that come with it. We are not naive, those who chose to tan in tanning beds it is because they aren't getting the natural tan. Tell me how people in places that get sun more months of the year than rain don't have cancer but yet we stress about those who get no sun and use tanning beds?! Is everyone determined to be either pale as vampire( maybe twilight was a secret PSA that says pale is the new sexy) or orange....I don't like these choices. I think I will be taking my chances on skin cancer.

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