Saturday, May 29, 2010 I ever cross your mind...I want too

Dang 5 hour amazing car ride with the same song playing every few tracks. Songs totally get stuck in my head.

Have you ever had this happen: There are times where you meet someone and just wish they would see the awesomeness that you posses because you of course, are an excellent judge of character and know you two would hit it off? I swear I run into that more times than I can count. You talk with this person often enough to really get a feel for what kinda of a person they are and you just know. You know because well you know yourself and you get to know them and just can feel it. I think my biggest problem with this is because I was in a long relationship, I always find myself looking for a relationship that picks up right where the last one left. That my darlings is a dear impossible thing to have happen. Speaking of a last relationships, there is nothing more awkward than jogging by your ex's house and him walking out... Jogging late evening looking utterly horrible. Isn't it always the girls best idea to see the ex when they look the most amazing! dang me and my luck! blah....I got the back home writers block.....

I most seriously run out of things that I find to be amazing to write about

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