Saturday, July 17, 2010

Irony that we call life

I hate how little events are the reason I write in this blog. I wish that I was the type of person to write in blogs just for the heck of it, not only to vent in a round about way. I think my venting is to show whomever is reading it that they are not alone. Anyways tonight is the first night in a long time that I have gone out party style, and tonight was the first time that I really seriously got irritated at girls that I assume to be my best friends. I think the reason I got the most irritated was that I assumed a friend would save a girl from a situation they weren't enjoying but unfortunately I didn't seem to find that to be true. I get the most irritated because I know if roles were reversed I would stop flirting with any sex pot man to help a friend out a situation. Unfortunately for me my whole evening was ruined by one sleezy, drunk, fondling dude. It is great for this dude to think that I was gorgeous, but he was just so slimy that I couldn't even try to make the situation go well. I am sorry dude but trying to grab my booty and boobs and licking ur fingers in a awkward way are sure as hell not going to get me to come dance with you. Oh and I am sorry that I don't find be sexually danced on while you are a happy guy to be something enjoyable.

These events occur time and time again and after every incident I still find myself re living the same scenario later. I think it is because I hope that the next time will be different or that my true friend will shine through. and everytime I am just let down even more. I am sorry that I am not about meeting guys at bars because the kinda guys you meet at bars are not the ones you want in your life long term. I am sorry I dont like getting wasted and losing all my common sense. I am sorry that I like to have a little fun while being sober and not feel like the odd one because sober is a better mindset on me. I am sorry that I feel like there other ways to meet a future husband outside the bar arena. I am sorry I love girls night out, but I dont like the girls sometimes.I just wish things could be different.

Pet peeve of the day: Drunk guys/girls that think because they are drunk all common/social expectations no longer apply to them. Yes making out drunk at the bar is still the same as doing it sober.

Quote of the day:"You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people, than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."
-- Bernard Meltzer

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