Sunday, January 2, 2011

...when a personality trait becomes a pet peeve...

When things go from "oh it is just a fluke", to "oh my goodness that is annoying". When does it change for an individual. I mean I have my personal things that irritate that be-jesus out of me...but for the right person it is ignored for as long as it can be. For me I have found that I have quite a few that I put aside for awhile until it I can't. Once I can't put them aside and they keep happening, its time to cut my losses. Some of my pet peeves are, I hate when a person doesn't text back, like I am not needy or clingy(I am the opposite), but it is just common sense, a person texts you...text them back. Is it really that hard?! I mean texting is suppose to be the less intrusive way to communicate with out the pressure of face to face or voice to voice. My other pet peeve is don't say something you don't mean...if you are going to do something or be somewhere, do it or be there. People with out goals or destinations for themselves are hopeless. How can a person go daily through their lives without wanting to be something better? I mean how can a person be simply content with doing nothing?! To hang with me: text back, be where you say you will and want to do something with your life! Now shouldn't everyone have those standards?! :)

Pic of the day: Is a photo of graduation, I am using this one because it just the starting of a chapter that shows growth, goals, and determination....something everyone should have!

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