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Beauty Q & A

Beauty Q & A
I was so excited when I checked my email to find not one, but 3 questions from you, my amazing readers!!!  Remember if you have a question you want to ask, please email me at

“Skin Guru, What am I to do when it comes to purchasing products on a budget? I want to take care of my skin but it seems good skin care is expensive.”
Thank you, Savvy Shopper
Savvy Shopper, I completely understand where you are coming from.  It seems to be more budget friendly to buy that cleanser at the drug store every month for 10 dollars.  Let me put some things in perspective for you; mostly the higher priced products are of a more concentrated nature therefore you aren’t getting a product that is watered down. So perspective, you purchase the product monthly at $10, when you could purchase a product of higher quality at $60 you can expect to use it 6-8months(when used correctly).  So it may seem like you are unable to afford it, but really it is just the out the door cost that is a bit shocking.  In the big picture you could actually save on your monthly budget and benefit your skin.  If you ask me that is a win, win! Good luck! 

“Skin Guru, my teenage daughter keeps breaking out along her chin and jaw by her ears, what could be causing that?” Sincerely Confused Momma
Confused Momma there are few things that could be causing this, could be poor cleansing habits of face, pillowcases,  and cell phone ( putting a touch screen type phone up against the face without proper sanitizing can clog pores).  Typically the chin can be related to hormones, this has been expressed through various forms of face mapping.   This photo is an example of a type of face mapping; although there are parts of this one I don’t necessarily agree with, there are many varieties. The chin with proper skin care can be maintained as well as the jaw by the ears with good cleansing and proper sanitizing of the phone and pillowcases.  Many places offer consultations, check your area or email me and I can help.
“Skin Guru, I am a busy mother of 3, I find that I have a hard time to fit skin care into my already busy day, what do you recommend I should do?”- Too Busy
Too Busy, you will want to get multi-purpose products, I recommend using a mask at night and leave it on to double as a moisturizer. Another idea is to use a cleansing product that can be a mask that you can use in the shower.  Look for a thick cleansing mask with a little bit of exfoliating properties it will help cleanse, brighten, and help slough dead skin. The easiest way to incorporate a good skin care routine into a busy life is to add it to things you are doing, cleanse the face in the shower, mask while you are cleaning or getting kids ready, and moisturize while you are waiting in the car for the kids to get in. Good Luck!   

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