Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eyelash's and Eyebrow's the frames to our eyes

I will be the first to admit, I have a strong obsession with eyelash's and perfect eyebrows! I think it is a dangerous obsession if not taken the right way. I use latisse which scares me, so in a search for natural ways to help my eyebrows and eyelash's reach optimal perfection I found various claims and acted upon them.

Gently rub petroleum jelly on your eyelashes. While there is no real evidence to support the claim that petroleum jelly stimulates eyelash growth, it may moisturize and condition them, thereby causing them to appear healthier.

Be gentle with your eyelash curler, you can cause trauma by using them to roughly. I have a heated eyelash curler that I am newly in love with! its from sephora and is only 12 bucks!

A good full brow is the best way to give yourself a better frame.

  Look at these celebrities with out the brows!


 The different types of brows...

How to find the perfect shape:


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  1. Thanks for this really great post~! I love eyelash curlers and really need to use one as my lashes are so super straight and when I curl them they make my eyes look 3 times as big.
    My absolute FAV is the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler. I read reviews on and got mine at their HotLashes site.
    Best curler ever!
    Super sturdy metal one just like the top notch SHU one that comes with a small pink heater base thingy. It heats the pad in my curler so my curl looks great and lasts for me till I wake the next day~
    Their site also accepts a coupon code at checkout Hot2 and offers a 15% discount.
    Best, ever, soooo worth the price, my Holy Grail of a curler~!


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